Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Syllabi

Anthropology Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
ANTH 1000-51 Introduction to Anthropology Joshua Everett

Criminal Justice Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
CJ 1001-01 FYE: Criminal Justice Abby McDonald-Gallentine
CJ 1010-01 Introduction to Criminal Justice Paul Harris, Ph.D.
CJ 1010-02 Introduction to Criminal Justice Don Reid
CJ 1010-03 Introduction to Criminal Justice Craig Harter
CJ 1340-50 Criminal Investigation M. Rick Erickson
CJ 2310-50 Computerized Legal Research Craig Harter
CJ 2330-50 Juvenile Justice Jerry Jaeger
CJ 3020-01 Cyber Law Paul Harris, Ph.D.
CJ 3400-01 Drugs and Crime Paul Harris, Ph.D.
CJ 3800-01 Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime Gary Cantrell, Ph.D.
CJ 3820-50 Crime Scene Invest Techniques Brian Filter

Psychology Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
PSY 1010-01 General Psychology Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-02 General Psychology Robert Carlson, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-06 General Psychology Valerie Carlson
PSY 1010-08B General Psychology Spencer Kohler
PSY 1010-09 General Psychology Dan Huntsman
PSY 1010-14B General Psychology Rosanita Cespedes
PSY 1010-51 General Psychology Colin Metzger
PSY 1010-53 General Psychology Nancy Jenkins
PSY 1100-01 Human Development through the Lifespan Michael Rahilly, Ph.D.
PSY 1100-02 Human Development through the Lifespan Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 1100-04 Human Development through the Lifespan/ONLINE Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 1100-50 Human Development through the Lifespan Mark Richins
PSY 1100-51 Human Development through the Lifespan Baako Wahabu
PSY 3010-01 Research Methods in Psychology John Jones, Ph.D.
PSY 3120-01 Cognitive Psychology Robert Carlson, Ph.D.
PSY 3220-01 Adolescence & Emerging Adult Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 3230-01 Adult Development & Aging Rosanita Cespedes
PSY 3400-01 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior Michael Rahilly, Ph.D.
PSY 3410-01 Social Psychology/ONLINE Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 3440-01 Child & Family Mental Health Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 3460-01 Health Psychology Valerie Carlson
PSY 3700-01 Personality Theory John Jones, Ph.D.
PSY 3700-02 Personality Theory Rosanita Cespedes
PSY 3710-01 Behavioral Neuroscience Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 4800-02 Psychology Practicum Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 4910-01 Capstone Research in Psychology Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.

Sociology Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
SOC 1010-01B Introduction to Sociology Logan Reid
SOC 1010-02 Introduction to Sociology Matthew Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D.
SOC 1010-05 Introduction to Sociology Christina Collinwood-Duncan
SOC 1010-40 Introduction to Sociology/ONLINE Ann Greathouse
SOC 1020-01 Social Problems Christina Collinwood-Duncan
SOC 1020-50 Social Problems Logan Reid
SOC 3020-01 Social Psychology Matthew Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D.