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Fall 2010

Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Syllabi

Criminal Justice Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
CJ 1001-01 FYE: Criminal Justice Abby McDonald-Gallentine
CJ 1010-01 Introduction to Criminal Justice William Julian
CJ 1010-50 Introduction to Criminal Justice M. Rick Erickson
CJ 1300-50 Introduction to Corrections Jerry Jaeger
CJ 1330-50 Criminal Law Brian Filter
CJ 2350-01 Laws of Evidence Don Reid
CJ 3020-01 Cyber Law William Julian
CJ 3320-50 Criminal Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure Craig Harter
CJ 4200-50 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Craig Harter

Psychology Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
PSY 1001-01 Orientation to Psychology and the Social Sciences Aaron Combs
PSY 1010-01 General Psychology Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-03 General Psychology Robert Carlson, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-04 General Psychology Michael Rahilly, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-15 General Psychology William Endsley, Ph.D.
PSY 1010-50 General Psychology Colin Metzger
PSY 1010-53 General Psychology Nancy Jenkins
PSY 1100-01 Human Development Through Lifespan Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 1100-02 Human Development Through Lifespan Aaron Combs
PSY 1100-03 Human Development Through Lifespan William Endsley, Ph.D.
PSY 2430-01 Stress Management Nancy Jenkins
PSY 3000-01 Statistical Methods/Psychology Robert Carlson, Ph.D.
PSY 3010-01 Research Methods in Psychology John Jones, Ph.D.
PSY 3200-01 Development in Infancy & Childhood Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 3230-01 Adult Development & Aging Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.
PSY 3410-01 Social Psychology John Jones, Ph.D.
PSY 3710-01 Behavioral Neuroscience Valerie Carlson
PSY 4000-01 History of Psychology Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D.
PSY 4300-01 Introduction to Counseling and Psychotherapy Michael Rahilly, Ph.D.
PSY 4910-01 Capstone Research in Psychology Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.

Sociology Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
SOC 1010-01B Introduction to Sociology Logan Reid
SOC 1010-02 Introduction to Sociology Matthew Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D.
SOC 1010-40 Introduction to Sociology/ONLINE Ann Greathouse
SOC 1020-01 Social Problems Matthew Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D.