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Dannelle Larsen-Rife

Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Ph.D.


Department Chair / Assistant Professor

Phone: 435-652-7823
Office: McDonald #225

Research Interests

  • Development of human relationships across the lifespan with an emphasis on the parent-child relationship and romantic relationships.
  • Predictors of relationship quality and stability, including personality and experiences in the family of origin.
  • Prevention/intervention programs that target the transition to parenthood and early child and family development.

Courses Taught

  • PSY 1100 Human Development Across the Lifespan
  • PSY 3200 Development in Infancy and Childhood
  • PSY 3220 Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
  • PSY 3230 Adult Development and Aging
  • PSY 3440 Child and Family Mental Health
  • PSY 3710 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY 4130 Interpersonal Neuroscience
  • PSY 4860R Psychology Practicum
  • PSY 4910 Senior Capstone in Psychology