NiRd Lab

The Neuroscience in Relationship Development(NiRD) lab focuses on the developmental science, practice, and application of interpersonal neurobiology, especially as it applies to Integrative Health. The NiRD lab takes an interdisciplinary approach that is informed by developmental psychology, neuroscience, evolution, genetics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, ethology, and sociology.
Lab projects focus on social, emotional, and biological development across the lifespan, including prenatal and early childhood experience, romantic and parent-child relationships and typical and atypical outcomes.
We are particularly interested in understanding how early experience contributes to mental and physical health across the lifespan.
Our current projects include:

  • Early Experience Study examines women’s early childhood experiences, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and mother and child outcomes
  • Family Support Study is a needs assessment for students and employees at DSU
  • Healthy Campus Initiative is an examination of Best Practices for mental health and well-being on college campuses
  • Sexual Literacy study examines sexual literacy, health and well-being
  • DSU Playcare is designed to respond to campus need for developmentally appropriate child care and training in Child Family Mental Health.

Current undergraduate students in the NiRD Lab are from psychology, chemistry, biology, nursing, and statistics. Students assist with study design, data collection, analysis and presentation of research findings.