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Outstanding Freshman Award

Outstanding Freshman Award

Before getting started, please make sure that you have met the following requirements. To be considered for this award, we expect that you are currently a freshman at Dixie State University and you have

  • an overall college GPA ≥ 3.00 in your freshman year.
  • completed at least 6 credits in sociology with an overall GPA in sociology ≥ 3.50 by the end of your freshman year.
  • actively participated in social services and activities.
  • a personal statement (detailed instructions can be found below).
  • registered for at least 3 credits in sociology at Dixie State University for the semester after your freshman year.

Your application will be graded on a grading scale of 0 to 100. Up to 3 winners will be selected to receive this award. If you think you have met all the requirements above, please proceed to fill in the application form below.

Application Deadline: April 19, 2019

Outstanding Freshman Award

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Social Engagement in Freshman Year

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