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Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Department is committed to:

  • Developing students who value the search for knowledge by means of scientific methods and research and to provide students with the knowledge and skills to do so.
  • Developing students who appreciate and understand that behavior results from a complex interaction between physiological systems, genetic influences, experiential and environmental factors and social forces.
  • Developing students whose understanding of psychology reflects an integration of a variety of theoretical perspectives.
  • Developing students who appreciate the power of applied psychology to foster physical, psychological, and communal well-being.
  • Inspiring students to act ethically as scholars and as future practitioners of psychology.
  • Inspiring students to value and to use critical thinking as students, scholars, consumers of media, and targets of influence.
  • Inspiring students to commit themselves to a lifetime pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

About Our Program

Criminal Justice

  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in Criminal Justice - Digital Forensics Emphasis
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Forensics Basics
  • Minor in Criminology
  • Minor in Digital Forensics


  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts/Science in Integrated Studies - Psychology Emphasis
  • Minor in Health Psychology
  • Minor in Psychology

Applied Sociology

  • Bachelor of Arts/Sciences in Integrated Studies - Sociology Emphasis
  • Minor in Sociology